Discover the life that will truly fulfill you.

Do you have a vision for how your life should turn out?
Big plans? Great dreams?

Get ready to trade it in for something a whole lot bigger and infinitely greater!


Phase One


Chapter One

Don't Do It Yourself (DDIY)


Chapter Two

Soul Junkie


Chapter Three

Ditch The Doubt

Phase Two


Chapter Four

Abandon Your Way


Chapter Five

Abandon Your Outlook


Chapter Six

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

Phase Three


Chapter Seven

Who Am I - Today?


Chapter Eight



Chapter Nine

Spoiler Alert

Foreword by Mike Foster

The book you are holding in your hands is not one to be taken lightly. As you go through this book you will laugh, you will think, and most of all you will grow through Tim’s revelation on this message of Abandonment. It will give you, the reader—the inspiration you need to strengthen your relationship with Jesus regardless of where you are in your faith.

If we all were to be brutally honest, we know what it is like to feel like everything is going in the opposite direction of what we may have planned or thought. In times like that, the ability to give the control over to God makes all the difference. It gives us Godly direction; and it sets us on the charted course God has laid out for us. Abandon will cause you to look up for your help, and look inward for your change, it reminds us that if we are willing to leave the old behind in search of the life God desires for us to live, He will give us a life far better than the one we Abandoned.

Tim’s genuine challenge to Lay Aside Our Own Plan for God’s Purpose is timely, bold, and emphatic. Pick up this book with an earnest and expectant heart, lay aside your own ambitions, and discover God’s dream for your life, and begin to live a life of purpose.


Mike Foster

Founder of People of the Second Chance

What Others Are Saying

Choices, challenges, and changes. Tim Timberlake’s Abandon is a spiritual handbook for anyone struggling to fully give their life to Christ. By taking an in-depth look at the life of Jacob (one of my favorite Bible characters), this book shows how to see God’s faithfulness as the greatest reminder, in any situation, of the radical love and grace He’s already given us.


Steven Furtick

Lead Pastor, Elevation Church and New York Times best-selling author of Crash the Chatterbox, Greater, and Sun Stand Still.”

Tim has an incredible knack and God-given ability to help anyone who has the desire to gain crystal clarity of God’s desired plan and purpose for their life. Abandon is a strident call to leave the old things behind, ditch the doubt, and take the exhilarating step into the path that God has for your life.


Scott Williams

Church growth/leadership consultant and strategist at NxtLevel Solutions; Author of Church Diversity and Go Big

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About Author


Tim Timberlake

Tim Timberlake is the lead pastor of Christian Faith Center in Creedmoor, North Carolina. He is a gifted communicator and teacher and has the ability to minister to people of all cultures and generations through his in-depth Bible teaching, sense of humor, and leading of the Holy Spirit.

God has given him a vision and a heart for helping people meet Jesus, and each week he teaches the Word in a format for people to apply it in their daily lives.

Tim is a graduate of the Pistis School of Ministry in Detroit, Michigan. He is an avid sports fan and a popular thought leader.


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